Every once in a while, we all need a helping hand





'Thalie started helping us during some very trying times. Calling what she does as 'cleaning' doesn't really describe how she supports us as it represents so much more. She is very sensitive to how we feel week by week, working quietly and intuitively around us. She gets on with what doing, taking initiative or being directed, whatever is the priority. She is nice to our cat, and respectful of our things and way of life. We find her interesting, trustworthy and caring and just a pleasure to have around- and always feel better when she has been.'

Elissa, Birmingham


 'Thalie looked after my dear friend Liz for the last year of her life.   Liz was often difficult as people often are when in pain and losing grip on what have been superb faculties. Thalie was always kind and merry and understanding. I couldn't hope for anyone better to spend my last months with and hope that when my time comes, someone will be around with Thalie's great gifts of understanding and creative wisdom. As a carer, Thalie is the tops; as a person, she is one of God's angels working on earth!

If you are in a position to be able to employ her, you are indeed one of the lucky ones on earth.'

M. Burdess, Surrey

 'The wonderful Thalie has been taking my elderly father out once a week for more than 18 months. I'm so happy to have her help and support as other family members have let me down and I'm juggling looking after him and working self-employed. Thalie is kind, caring, compassionate, consistent and patient with my father who is very deaf and has dementia. She takes him for trips out and really helps enrich his life, helping me to keep his dementia at bay and keeping him happy, stimulated and not lonely. I would recommend the very personal and professional caring support offered by Thalie, once you meet her, you will love her too and be so grateful for her help.'

Susan, Stourbridge


'My family and I have used Thalie's service for over 5 years now. Thalie's constant professionalism and gentle nature is of great reassurance to us. We would highly recommend her services to anybody who may require additional caring support for that of a loved one'

D Hosseini, Birmingham 





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